2nd Connect

Live SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), Acrylic, Glassware, Sensor, Vibration Motor, Wire, Wood, Paint, Bulb
120 x 120 x 30 in, 2019

Interspecies Connector

Technology has expanded not only from hardware to software, but also now includes wetware, resulting in hybrid phenomena that are inscribed in mechanical, digital, and organic logic. We need to rethink and examine the complex relationship between “living” and “non-living” and the “new imperceptible relationship” between humans and other creatures throughout the ecosystem. 2nd Connect is an ‘interspecies connector’ designed to shape new imperceptible relationships. It is trying to extend the connection and communication between human beings and other species at a perceptive and physiological level.

"BADIDEAS69@YAHOO.COM" MICA Mount Royal Fall Show, Baltimore, MD, 2019

I implanted a vibration motor into each live SCOBY and controlled the same cultured  solution and growth environment for them, but they show a different color and state. Also, each SCOBY has the dust piratical sensor and sound sensor to sense the data from the environment and then gives a vibration as feedback in real-time. I think it metaphor the communication between different human identities in social networks. Once audience entry to the space, they also calibrate the SCOBY’s behavior. Besides, they could physically perceive the connection to the SCOBY from the sense of vision, hearing, and smell. The activity of vibration depends on the phases of the lifecycle of the SCOBY.

Communication System diagram

Grow from the “SCOBY Mother” 

Time-lapse photography of 24 days growth

SCOBY growth texture