8.30 - 9.30

Cotton String, Foam, Wood, Video, Projection Mapping

48 x 48 x 50in, 2018

Dream Installaltion

“ At some certain moment, I have experienced the feeling that as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn't be familiar at all. At this moment, I feel I have lived through the present situation before. Personally, I believe this experience is a kind of ‘memory collage’ which transfers and re-arranges information from my dream or my past experience. ”
-- Tianyue Su

This work shows the dream images of the artist from Aug.30 to Sept.30 which links to daily life. Explores the relationship between the conscious/subconscious and Déjà vu in the artist’s experience.

"TIMONIUM" MICA Mount Royal Fall Show, Baltimore, MD, 2019

I create this structure as my dreamcatcher to attracts and catches all sorts of dreams and thoughts into its webs. Each ball in the knot is a subconscious container. I recorded both my dream and the events happened in the daily life from August 30 to September 30. Then I translate them into visual animations in different styles. I’d like to add some parts of my body (e.g. eyes) into these animations since I think the unconscious has the habit of borrowing images from the external situation and using those images to symbolize something that is going on inside myself.