Bio Calibrator

Living Physarum Polycephalum (a common yellow slime mold), Wearable structure, Fabric, Color Powder, Water, Timer
Performance Duration 19’31’’, 2020

Performance Shots

The performance/experiment aims to question the complexity of every single person as a human and exploring the meaning of intelligence. Also, to build a reversal process to explore the "higher humans" behavior in turn determined by a single-celled creature. And how the decentralized systems find solutions to problems through this self-organization and cooperation. In this project, Physarum Polycephalum, a common yellow slime mold, is selected for research and study, which is a single-celled creature. This work is not only a metaphor. By taking the exact opposite operation, I hope to destroy the stability of the audience, question their beliefs, and re-examine the relationship between themselves as a human being and other living things and organisms.

01'14'' Version

The motivation of this experiment is to keep to find water, and the action of exploring the environment is determined by the biological characteristics and growth algorithm behavior of slime mold. In the whole process, language communication is not available to each other. I only set a framework but the participants need to find their own solutions. Everyone must first Find the nearest source of water, apply water to all parts of their body, and then continue to explore the next one, never stop. The reason I choose water is that The meaning of water is an environment and elements necessary for the survival of slime mold. For human beings and other creatures, it is not only essential to living, but also has significant meaning in various fields of culture such as religions, art, mythology, and so on.

Performance Details:
I. I create a wearable structure to change the participant’s perception. Reduce the 150-degree range of human vision to a 3cm diameters point, which vague the performance‘s perception of distance, so multidimensional exploration is needed. Slime mold makes multiple directions of investigation at the beginning.

Wearable Structure

II. I also made a wearable fabric, let every single human tied together become a new mass cell, reshaping relationships between individuals. Besides, the human could communicate without the language through the tension of the fabric in different directions, which follows the rules that information synchronization of the slime mold. The individuals need to highly cooperative; these different personalities interact and offset each other and create beautiful harmonies together.

III.  When the performance starts, three people huddled up in the center of the stage. Face to the ground spread their body and hands, draw a fan shape in all directions. Follow the rules of slime mode: 

Wave fragment like shaped growing tip ; Circular shapes of diffusion gradients

They need to Use the body as a tool of measurement to inscribe algorithms pattern through movement. In this process, the minimal repetitive movements and the traces of where the body was before show both the machine like mechanism of the body as well the human inner cycles.

Body Measurement Action

IV. Slime mold has its rhythmic pulsing. Also, Each of the performers have their own personality in a sense they have the electromagnet activities, they have a certain number of electrons, have specific ways that they'd behave well what do we call a fundamental element of behaviour in people personality. Besides, There are atoms even in the air that we can't see it they all have their own frequency of energy and I think it'll be wonderful to actually show that relationship in a much more tangible way.


V. Another important element is times which determines the duration of each action. When the timer alarming, press the pause button and then press another timer's start button.
ii) The left-handed timer is set to 100 seconds, that is, repeats the body measurement action
iii) The right-handed timer is set to 15 seconds, that is, the time to find the direction of the water source they need to keep finding direction during 15 seconds, when times up, They need stop immediately, and perform a 100s measurement action on the direction facing at the moment
iv) 100s and 15s both refer to the growth rate of the slime mold and the duration of the direction change
When powder on their bodies is exhausted stop movement; When the energy of the entire organization is exhausted, the performance ends.