Facial Recognition, Vibration Motors, Wearable Structure

51 x 24 x 25in, 2018

Expanding and Enhancing Human Perception Within Art and Technology
-The Wearable Structure as a New “Supersensory Organ”

Our experience of the world is limited since we are constrained by our own biology. This project using a facial emotion recognition system, twenty-seven vibration motors, and a wearable interactive structure, creating a new “super-sensory organ” a new emotional communication system to redefine and enhance the participants’ perception of emotions. Thus, this project changing the way visual is consumed and transform mental to physical vibration.


Wearable Installation

System Diagram
“O” CONTACT is a wearable installation consisting of a wearable structure and an emotion input system. These two parts allow two participants to experience an augmented communication event at the same time. The two participants stand face to face in space but because of the wearable device they cannot see each other directly. The emotion system input part is an extended tube with one opening, like a periscope probe, allowing the second participant to attach their face into the opening, and to perform making different facial expressions. The LED inside this space is lightened and assist the installed camera-1 to start the facial emotion recognition. A Raspberry Pi microcomputer analyzes the emotional data from the participant-1in real time and categorizes it into five situations (normal, happy, angry, sad, and fearful), triggering the five different vibration states of the wearable structure, which can be perceived by the participant-2. In this process, the participant-2 transforms his emotional perception from traditional auditory and visual sensation to a new perceptual experience of vibration. At the same time, in another wearable part, the camera-2 is also placed to record the facial changes of the participant-2 in real time when he perceives different vibration conditions. This image will be shown in a small screen and presented to the participant-1 in the emotional input part, allowing for a feedback process. The whole system therefore becomes a loop of communication,

The participants can “wear” the structure as their “new organ” and move around in space to find their next target. The shape of the end-of the device looks like a circular “O,” and it is a kind of an interface, a door that welcomes, accepts and expects emotions to be consumed. In a previous chapter we referred to Steven Hawking’s wheelchair and device as a function f that transforms his cognitive activities into a physical manifestation. The “door” of our wearable installation is also a function f that transforms the mental and spiritual activities of the audience into a physical vibration experience.

Facial Expression Recognition (Input)

Vibration and Wearable (Output)

Second Skin

SIVA Detao Interactive Art Thesis Show, Shanghai, China, 2018

Wanda Plaza Public Exhibition, Shanghai, China, 2018